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You can check this yourself and talk to your insurer if you have any questions. If you are hiring equipment such as a marquee or bouncy castle check with the company you are hiring it from whether their terms of hire include insurance and read any conditions carefully particularly any exclusions. If external businesses are providing services, such as food or rides, you should check they have their own insurance, and that it is in force on the day of the event. This insurance covers the organisers of an event providing them with financial protection if they are held to blame for injury to a person or for loss or damage to property and sued.

How much you need varies according to:. If you are unsure, talk to your own insurer or an insurance broker who will be able to advise you.

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You do need to be sure that the policy you buy covers all the activities you want included, so be open and clear with the insurer or broker you talk to. And make sure that you check the terms of the policy and in particular any exclusions.


There is a lot of good guidance available for particular types of event. Some of it is linked to below. Your guide to organising a street party on GOV. You can find out about organising road running races with Run Britain. The Motor Sports Association has guidance on organising car treasure hunts. The Big Lunch is an Eden Project idea to help bring communities together. The first Wednesday in August is National Playday. The guide can be used for similar events at any time. The Community Games are an opportunity to bring communities together to take part in sporting and cultural activities inspired by London To help us improve GOV.

It will take only 2 minutes to fill in.

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Your new e-book with ideas for essays is a real treasure. What's happening - and why are people talking about murder? Most founders give up too quickly or move on to the next product too quickly. It lies in a remote and bleak corner of England. I like to take an approach which includes both but clearly favours one side more than the other.

Skip to main content. Accept cookies. Cookie settings. Home Organising a voluntary event: a 'can do' guide. Cabinet Office. Contents 1. Part 4: How do I make sure that food and is safe and do I need to label it? Part 5: Can I close a road? Part 6: Do I need insurance? We have worked with a range of civil society and government organisations some of whose own guidance we link to here to develop this guide, which will: help you to plan and run successful events with a minimum of red tape if you are holding a particular type of event, help you to find the specific advice you need The guide should clear up any confusion over issues such as health and safety and food hygiene, which people often think will get in the way.

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You need to: Be clear about what you want the event to be, what you want it to achieve, and its size and scale. Plan and share out the work. Find out what bookings, permissions, licences you may need. Think about common sense safety and access issues and whether you will need insurance. Decide on a realistic budget. Identify how best to publicise the event.

Plan the days or days in detail. You do need to: make sure the venue you will be using is booked and confirmed or if it is free of charge, you have the necessary permission from the owner allowing enough time to provide access for set up and clearing away, as well as the event itself think about any equipment you will need to hire and make sure you know how to use it, for example, microphones. You will need to consider the following: how will people get to the event, make sure your publicity gives details of public transport and parking do you need to put up signs on the surrounding roads to make the event easier to find is the venue accessible for wheelchair users and people with other disabilities, make sure your publicity is clear about the level of access visitors can expect If you are holding an open air event, the weather can be fickle.

Bank cash as soon as possible. This part of the guide will help you with licences and permission for the following activities: Raffles, lotteries and race nights Providing entertainment Providing alcoholic drinks 2. For prize bingo: all the prizes are put up in advance and are not dependent on the number of players or amount of money collected there are no limits on the amount of money you can collect for admission fees or ticket sales, or on the value of prizes paid out. If none of the above apply and you want to: have a bar where alcohol is sold sell alcohol in another way provide entertainment to the wider public charge to raise money for your event You will need a Temporary Event Notice.

Can not walk without tightly binding above knee. Went to physical therapy twice nothing wrong with the knee itself except only have 90 degree bend. Have noticed left leg appears to be longer than right. Right knee totally gone but will not have surgery. Can not walk through Walmart need a cart. My surgery said he had one case like this before and sent me back to physical therapy, therapist said nothing wrong with the knee. GP said to see another surgeon, feels there is a problem. Is there doctors that specialize in complications from TKR? I live in Houston.

Unfortunately 20 to 30 percent of those who undergo TKR are not satisfied with their results.

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For many who fall into this category, it is secondary to subtle soft-tissue imbalance, component malposition or limb mal-alignment. If you are not doing well, almost certainly there is a specific etiology. If the exact reason for you poor result can be defined, then it can be addressed. I would suggest a further evaluation.


If your treating surgeon has not been able to identify the problem, I also would recommend you find a specialist who can. Infection must be ruled out. Most likely, it will be surgical. I have a question.

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I had a partial knew replace Dec And ended up having a total knee in March And my knee still gives me pain. I cannot sleep. It aches badly. And there is pain that shoots down it. Not olny that but it is swollen. And it makes a awful noise. Like its loose. And no one elce knee does this. Can u help with any info? Converting a partial knee to a total knee does add surgical complexity and I suspect that you are continuing to experience discomfort from less than optimal soft-tissue balancing. Many reasons can cause your symptoms.

A further work-up to define the exact etiology of your dissatisfaction and pain is appropriate, which includes trying to rule out an underlying infection. My recommendation would be to return to your surgeon to share your frustration and difficulties and ask for advice. If your surgeon is unable or unavailable to help you, then I would seek out other orthopedic surgeons in your area with a special interest and specialization in complex total knee issues.

My R is perfect, no complaints but my L has increasingly become more painful. Could this just be normal pains or a greater issue? From your description, I suspect that you might have a mechanical problem with your left knee.

Technically, it is difficult to consistently and optimally implant and balance a TKR. If this is what is going on, then diagnosing and correcting the problem can lead to a good result.