XML Programming Bible

The XML 1.1 Bible
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Thus the chapters in this book build steadily on each other. They are meant to be read in sequence. Along the way you'll learn:. In the final section of this book, you'll see several practical examples of XML being used for real-world applications including:. It begins with the history and theory behind XML, the goals XML is trying to achieve, and shows you how the different pieces of the XML equation fit together to create and deliver documents to readers.

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They are meant to be read in sequence. Web Programming. The Gold Edition is in hardcover. Augmented Reality. La Biblia Digital is a program to read the bible from your computer. Kotlin Tutorial for Beginners.

Then you'll learn by example how to write XML documents with tags you define that make sense for your document. You'll see how to edit them in a text editor, attach style sheets to them, and load them into a Web browser like Internet Explorer 5.

You'll even learn how you can write XML documents in languages other than English, even languages that aren't written remotely like English such as Chinese, Hebrew, and Russian. The DTD specifies the exact context and structure of those elements that are allowed. A validating parser can read a document and compare it to its DTD, and report any mistakes it finds.

This allows document authors to check that their work meets any necessary criteria. You'll learnt the syntax for declaring elements, attributes, entities, and notations. You'll see how you can use entity declarations and entity references to build both a document and its DTD from multiple, independent pieces. This allows you to make long, hard-to-follow documents much simpler by separating them into related modules and components.

XML markup only specifies what's in a document. Unlike HTML, it does not say anything about what that content should look like.

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Information about an XML document's appearance when printed, viewed in a Web browser, or otherwise displayed is stored in a style sheet. Indeed, different style sheets can be used for the same document. You might for instance, want to use a style sheet that specifies small fonts for printing, another one that uses larger fonts for on screen use, and a third with absolutely humongous fonts for projecting the document on a wall at a seminar.

You can change the appearance of an XML document by choosing a different style sheet without touching the document itself. CSS exists in two versions. CSS Level 1 provides simple information about fonts; color, positioning, and text properties. CSS Level 2 is a more recent standard that builds on CSS Level 1 by adding support for tables, aural style sheets, international and bi-directional text, user interface styles, and much more.

CSS level 2 is only beginning to be supported by current browsers. CSS is a relatively simple standard that applies fixed style rules to the contents of particular elements. XSL, by contrast, is a more complicated and more powerful style language that can not only apply styles to the contents of elements but also rearrange elements, add boilerplate text, and transform documents in almost arbitrary ways.

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Covers all the most recent XML core and related specifications including XML , J2EE , graphanonvadla.ga's latest iteration, as well as open source XML items from the Apache project. Strong coverage of XML use with databases, transactions, and. XML Programming Bible 1st Edition.​ Here, at last, is a single reference that covers both graphanonvadla.ga and Java programming integration with XML.​ As a follow-up to the XML Bible review, I took a look at the XML Programming Bible by Brian Benz with John Durant (Wiley).

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