Prayers for Teens

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As I ran away from church and God, my mom's initial reaction was to preach and prod, but one day she stopped. And for the next two years, she and her friends contended for my soul in prayer, as well as showing me unconditional love and unshakable friendship.

Prayers For Teens

Like my mother, I too prayed for my children. When they were little I tried to make bedtimes special by tucking each one into bed with heart-to-heart talks, stories, songs, and prayer. However, some nights, in utter exhaustion, I could only sit in the hallway between their rooms, where I consolidated my prayers for them to the most urgent pleas of my heart, " Jesus, please let my children grow up to know You, to love You, to serve You, to seek You, and to obey You all the days of their lives.

To me that covered the essentials. However, looking back, I wish I would have added one more prayer. As they grew, I learned the precious power of turning God's Word into a model for my prayers. When I did this, I knew I was praying God's heart for them, not just my own.

1. Pray that your teenagers will seek discipleship

I especially prayed the passages from the Proverbs. Because, I reasoned, if these were the things Solomon the wisest man on earth wanted his sons to know, then they were the things I wanted my children to learn too. As my sons and daughter approached the teen years, my prayers intensified. In fact, I often joke that my knees were calloused by the time my firstborn had finished college.

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Mission Founders Backstory Beliefs. This hit my in box on just the perfect morning!!! Teens face so many obstacles and temptations every day. Help me to be willing and able to encourage as well as warn — to support as well as to correct. The truth of scripture and accountability to our Creator and God has given way to teachings on relativity and bitterness and hatred is the diet that is being promoted in every area of life. In our pews and in our homes, God calls us to be one. Choose Book.

My youngest son had just turned twenty when I received my first phone call from a distraught mother of teenagers, asking if I would meet with her to give her counsel and advice. Since then, I have had many of these invitations from bewildered and worried moms. Below, is a glimpse into my mothers heart. They are the petitions I daily sent heavenward for my teenagers, my friends' teenagers, as well as our prodigal sons and daughters. These were and are the sincere cries of my heart, the prayers I patterned after scripture, and the prayers I prayed, and the thanksgiving I offered in faith, when they were going astray or running away.

I have many stories, that I could tell and, one day, will for each of these prayers. But for this post, I simply share this mother's prayers:. Let them be caught by their dad or me, a friend or stranger, or simply by their own conscience.

2. Pray that your teenagers will step out of their comfort zones

Don't let them get any pleasure from their wrong choices. Titus Teach them to run their race with perseverance, fixing their eyes always, and only, on You. Hebrews Hebrews , Protection from peer pressure. Lord, strengthen my children against peer pressure, that they may always stand strong against enticements to do wrong Prov. Constructive friendships. Father, lead my children into constructive friendships; lead them away from "bad company" 1 Cor.

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Prayers For Teens - Are you struggling to survive and want to cry out to God, but don't know how? Consider these prayers to get you started. Our teens need our small, everyday sort of prayers. But they also need us to pray bigger prayers than they will pray for themselves.

Honesty and integrity. God, help my children walk blamelessly, do what is right, and speak truth in their hearts Psa. Protection from irreversible mistakes.

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Lord, I know my children will make mistakes, but please save them from decisions that cannot be reversed and mistakes that cannot be corrected. Let them be among the righteous who may fall seven times but always rise again Prov.

Ability to study hard and learn well. God, teach my children to study hard and learn well in both their schoolwork and their study of Your Word 2 Tim. Healthy independence.

5 Prayers For Your Teens

As my children become more independent, in preparation for adulthood, let it always be a healthy independence, and never rebellion Prov. Protection from unbiblical standards. Father, protect my children from unbiblical standards of beauty, conduct, and speech 2 Tim. Strong sense of identity. Help my children develop a strong sense of identity that is rooted in the knowledge of who they are in Christ Jesus Eph. Strong sense of belonging.

Prayer For A Troubled Child with Dominic Herbst

God, give my children a strong sense of belonging to their family, church, and to the kingdom of God 1 Pet. Strong sense of ability. Lord, please instill in my children a strong sense of their own gifts, talents, and abilities, based on the strength You give them in Christ Phil. Strong sense of responsibility. Father, make my children wise and responsible servants, who fulfill their promises and take care of their responsibilities Luke Protection from sexual temptation. Lord, may my children "flee youthful lusts" and remain sexually pure in thought, word, and deed 2 Tim.

Ways to Pray for Teens

Godly influences. Let men and women of godly character cross paths with my children and become their trusted counselors and mentors Prov. Protection from loneliness. God, protect my children from the pain of loneliness, and teach them to find comfort in Your companionship Psa. Protection from popularity. Lord, please protect my children from the pursuit of popularity and from the dangers of "too many friends. Single Master.

Godly mate. Father, lead my children to the mate of Your choosing Gen.

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Life mission. Lord, instill in my children a strong and clear purpose to fulfill Your plan for their lives Deut. Protection from depression.

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Deliver my children from discouragement and depression during their turbulent teenage years Psa. Commitment to the church. God, give my children a strong and lasting commitment to the body of the Christ, the church Psa. Compassion for the less fortunate. Please give my children soft hearts and compassionate spirits for those who are in need Matt.