Philosophy of Technology: An Introduction

Philosophy of Technology
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Charles Van Doren. Karl Marx. Anton Szandor Lavey. Lao Tsu.

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Ivan Illich’s Philosophy of Technology: Introduction

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“Dusek's range of expertise is impressive, and his generous conception of what topics a philosophy of technology should consider is timely. In this field where. Ideal for undergraduate students in philosophy and science studies, Philosophy of Technology offers an engaging and comprehensive overview of a subject.

Jay L. David M. Stephen Rowe.

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Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. The Philosophy of Technology : An Introduction. Free delivery worldwide. Description Technology's impact on and implications for the social, ethical, political, and cultural dimensions of our world must be seriously considered and addressed.

Philosophy of Technology is a clear introduction to one of philosophy's newest issues. Don Ihde critically examines the impact of technological developments on various cultures throughout history-from the earliest feats of engineering and architecture to the cutting-edge developments in artificial intelligence- with an aim to understanding the human implications within a world technological culture.

Using a wide variety of concrete examples and illustrations, including artificial intelligence, robotics, and nuclear energy, the author looks at both the current situation and future directions. In a final chapter, he takes the position that the foundational concern for the twenty-first century is the global environment, followed closely by multiculturality and its effect on technoculture, the future of warfare, and the distribution of wealth in a world economy.

Special Features Provides an introduction to the best and most recent literature on the subject Places the philosophy of technology within the overall project of philosophy Provides a clear and comprehensive overview of the main issue in the field Promotes understanding of the special role of philosophical criticism Contains a wealth of often humorous and highly imaginative examples that have become the hallmark of this author show more. Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions People who bought this also bought.

Thinking Through Technology Carl Mitcham.

Philosophy of Technology

Add to basket. Philosophy of Technology Robert C. Philosophy and Technology Carl Mitcham. Technology and the Lifeworld Don Ihde. Technology Eric Schatzberg. Elements of a Philosophy of Technology Ernst Kapp. Experimental Phenomenology Don Ihde. Being-in-the-World Hubert L. Michel Foucault Hubert L.

Philosophy of Technology Frederick Ferre. The Sciences of the Artificial Herbert A. The Emergence of Probability Ian Hacking. Naming and Necessity Saul A. The Whale and the Reactor Langdon Winner. The Concept of Mind Gilbert Ryle. The artifacts that are of relevance to technology are, in particular, made to serve a purpose. This excludes, within the set of all man-made objects, on the one hand byproducts and waste products and on the other hand works of art.

Byproducts and waste products result from an intentional act to make something but just not precisely, although the author at work may be well aware of their creation.