It is Enough - No. 26 from Elijah, part 2

Elijah, Op.70 (Mendelssohn, Felix)
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Mendelssohn sent explicit instructions that the aria was not yet ready to be engraved.

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By March, Mendelssohn was feverishly working on Part II, and in early April, just days before his departure for England, he was struggling to finish the piano-vocal score of Part II, even as he was correcting proofs for Part I, and writing frequent letters to Buxton, who, in turn, was maintaining an active correspondence with Simrock. But despite the composer's best efforts, the publication of the oratorio was delayed until June , several weeks after he returned in May from England to Germany. Mendelssohn acknowledged receiving an exemplar of the piano-vocal score from Simrock in July [ 16 ] ; not until October, only days before the composer's death, was Simrock ready to send copies of the full score.

Not surprisingly, Buxton's piano-vocal score essentially replicates the Simrock Klavierauszug , owing to the considerable efforts made to coordinate the simultaneous publication of the oratorio in England and Germany.

Elijah Cummings Is Remembered as ‘a Great Man, a Moral Leader and a Friend’

Nevertheless, in one respect Buxton surpassed Simrock, for he was able to issue two English piano-vocal scores one folio and one octavo with two versions of the overture. The folio volume contained the arrangement of the overture for piano solo found in Simrock's Klavierauszug , which Mendelssohn finished by February 1, We may date this arrangement before February 17, , for on that date Mendelssohn sent it, along with the revision of the Widow's Aria and a newly finished orchestration of the hymn Hear My Prayer , to Buxton, with this apologetic explanation: "I am sorry to hear the no.

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I assure you it is an improvement and must stand thus! The Moldenhauer autograph was thus made expressly for Buxton. The composer laid out the duet on facing pages for the primo and secondo parts, and he took the trouble to rule the twelve bars for the introductory recitative, preceding the overture, in which Elijah announces the seven-year draught. Then, as if to save some precious time, Mendelssohn canceled these bars and added a comment in English: "these 12 bars with the Voice as in the other Arrangement" i. Mendelssohn's autograph presents a relatively clean copy with only occasional corrections.

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In the main, these concern minor details, such as the direction of note stems, that clarify the voice leading of the parts e. Occasionally, the alterations reflect practical concerns, such as the division of the music between the two pianists. Thus the original version of bar 10 produced an awkward encounter between the left hand of the first pianist and the right hand of the second pianist, and Mendelssohn was obliged to rearrange the distribution of the parts to simplify their execution.

Apart from the notation and corrections in Mendelssohn's hand the only other markings in the manuscript were entered by the engraver, who recorded a series of numbers concerned with the layout of the overture that is, determining the distribution of the music on each system of the printed version.

Mendelssohn's letter to Buxton suggests that the duet arrangement was intended as a special gift to his English publisher. But the letter does not reveal the composer's entire motivation. In arranging the overture as a duet, he was actually following a practice already established with his earlier oratorio, St.

The Return of Elijah

In the few hours which elapsed between its receipt from the Palace and its presentation to Mendelssohn, the Sacred Harmonic Society had a fac-simile copy made, which was carefully sealed up. This "sketch" and its annotations are too long to be inserted here, but an extract or two may be quoted. Felix Mendelssohn. The beginning I wish altered thus:—. Isaiah , ,2, ; I Kings

Paul , of which the first edition of the piano-vocal score had appeared from Simrock in , with the overture arranged for piano duet. Paul was conceived as a fugue, and the contrapuntal complexity of the music may have encouraged Mendelssohn to undertake the duet arrangements in and to facilitate the performance of the overtures. After all, two pianists could offer at the keyboard a more complete and convincing rendition of a four-part orchestral fugue than could a single pianist.

But one final question remains: why did Mendelssohn offer the duet arrangement for Elijah only to Buxton and not to Simrock? The answer may be found, perhaps, in a particular request Buxton had made of Mendelssohn, as we learn in the composer's letter to Buxton of December 30, "I did what I could to reconcile myself to the idea of adding a few bars to the Overture to make it a separate piece and give it a conclusion, but I assure you, it is impossible.

I tried hard to do what you want, in order to show my good will--but I could not find an end, and I am sure there is none to be found. But Mendelssohn conceived the overture as an instrumental depiction of the draught and famine that led through a dramatic crescendo directly into the imploration of the first chorus, "Help Lord! Wilt Thou quite destroy us?

In sum, the meticulously crafted duet arrangement that Mendelssohn produced in February may have been intended in part to compensate Buxton for this disappointment. That may sound basic and like a no-brainer.

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But Dad wanted me to understand and appreciate my blackness and truly feel that my rich brown skin was just as beautiful as alabaster or any shade of the rainbow. The rooftop of Johns Hopkins Hospital, where they land the helicopters for life-threatening situations. And we rolled out, and it was a glorious and it was a beautiful day with light everywhere. The sun was shining and it was just absolutely glorious.

And he looked out over the Inner Harbor, Harbor East. He looked towards South Baltimore, his beloved South Baltimore where he grew up in his early years. But for all of the emotional remembrances of Mr. Cummings as a champion of working people and civil rights, the funeral, which came amid impending impeachment proceedings against Mr.

Clinton told mourners. Obama said.

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Cummings to his namesake Elijah, the biblical figure. Indeed, Mr.

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The service attracted a bipartisan coterie of Mr. On Thursday, Mr. Meadows had delivered a moving eulogy to Mr. Cummings as he lay in state in the Capitol , the first black member of Congress ever to be so honored. Meadows said. It included references to Mr.

Elijah, Op.70: No. 26 - It is enough; O Lord take my life (Elijah)

And with its focus on Mr. Sunday attendee at New Psalmist Baptist Church, which hosted the packed Friday home-going — the funeral also injected a strong dose of religiosity into a party whose presidential front-runners have been busy announcing policy prescriptions but sounding few of the overtly pious notes once regularly played by former Presidents Carter, Obama and Clinton. With his reassuring baritone and hard-won moral stature — Mr.

Clinton noted that the congressman bore a lifelong scar from a bottle he was hit with while trying to integrate a Baltimore swimming pool — Mr. Cummings was known for mentoring and dispensing wisdom to congressional staffers, neighbors on his block and freshman lawmakers alike. As the impeachment inquiry has gathered steam, he was said to still be joining strategy discussions with colleagues from his hospital bed. He was also known for his fierce loyalty to Baltimore and its residents, and he stood up for them when, in July, Mr.

Trump derided Mr. The slight remained on the minds of many of the thousands of Baltimoreans who formed long, looping lines outside the massive contemporary church building at dawn on Friday morning.

Elijah McGuire

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Baltimore residents said they took so much pride in Mr.