Fixing Higher Education: A Business Manager’s Take on How to Boost Productivity in Higher Education

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In stock online. Not available in stores. Christian Schierenbeck makes a provocative case that higher education across the globe suffers from a profound productivity crisis which prevents broad access to affordable and high-quality educational services. He shows how the vast productivity gap in higher education could be closed if academic managers borrowed some of the managerial practices applied by the world's leading business enterprises.

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In order for this to happen in practice, the author argues for radical changes in the policy framework for higher education. The following ISBNs are associated with this title:. ISBN - Higher Education. On the Content tab, click to select the Enable JavaScript check box. Click OK to close the Options popup. Refresh your browser page to run scripts and reload content. With the vast number of scholarships available, the search for the right scholarships can feel overwhelming.

Avoid turning to companies promising scholarship awards in return for a fee. Other free Internet scholarship search sites are Fastweb. High school counselors may also have insight into the availability of local scholarships.

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Some companies sponsor scholarships for employees and their children, while some professional or religious groups do the same. There are also scholarships available based on your major, avocation, or even your grade level. To find scholarships that apply to you, begin searching prior to your senior year of high school. Most students enter college expecting to graduate within four years; however, according to a report from the National Center for Education Statistics , less than one-half of students actually graduate in four years, and only about two-thirds of those entering college graduate within six years.

Vedder goes on to suggest that the total cost of an elite private university education may actually be less, on average, than the total cost of education at a public university due simply to the expense incurred by delaying graduation. Since time is money, parents and students should focus on completing degree requirements as quickly as possible by maximizing the use of the following:.

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Most of the courses required during freshman and sophomore years are available at community colleges and can be transferred to four-year public universities. However, some private or out-of-state universities may not accept the credits earned. When admission to a well-respected state university is highly competitive, guaranteed admission through community college graduation is a significant advantage. Military veterans who have served at least 36 months of active duty are entitled to financial assistance including 36 months of undergraduate or graduate tuition and fees, a housing allowance, and a stipend for books and supplies.

This benefit applies to officers and enlistees alike. For students considering college and the military as viable post-graduation options, attending a military academy might be the best of both worlds. These academies provide intensive training and a university education at little or no cost. Acceptance is competitive, and the U. Military Academy at West Point, the U. Naval Academy at Annapolis, and the U.

Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs require a rigorous admission process, as well as a nomination from a U. The U. Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point are other service academies that provide an excellent education.

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Helen has mental health problems, caused by years of sexual abuse, and special educational needs. Be the first to review this product! How could she help Waters State overcome this dilemma? In the United States, private schools independent schools have long been an alternative to public education for those with the ability to pay tuition. Most popular. Dewey's influence began to decline in the time after the Second World War and particularly in the Cold War era, as more conservative educational policies came to the fore.

All military academies require a multi-year military service commitment after graduation. Students at U. Generally, students who are beneficiaries of military scholarships must take military coursework and training during college and must serve terms of active duty as commissioned officers post-graduation.

In an increasingly complex world, knowledge is indispensable. The truth is, a college degree is the price of admission to many sought-after careers, and job candidates without a degree are quickly passed over.

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He shows how the vast productivity gap in higher education could be closed if A Business Manager's Take on How to Boost Productivity in Higher Education. Fixing Higher Education: A Business Manager's Take on How to Boost Productivity in Higher Education: Christian Schierenbeck: Libros en idiomas.

The question of whether the ever-increasing cost of college is worth the investment is made easier by implementing cost-saving strategies. All Rights Reserved. Money Crashers. About Money Crashers.

Sartain and Baker concluded their analysis of this study by noting that there are no ironclad rules for supervising. The Institute for Social Research, under the direction of Rensis Likert, followed the Prudential study with a number of similar studies in a variety of settings. The findings from these studies can be summarized as follows:.

Fixing Higher Education: A Business Manager's Take on How to Boost Productivity in Higher Education

In a later study, Saul W. Gellerman analyzed the jobs of 12 first-line supervisors in the packaging plant of a major food-processing company. Gellerman found three supervisors A, B, and C particularly interesting. For each of these supervisors Gellerman detected a number of important elements of substance what is done and style how it is done.

How their superiors described their ways of supervising is shown in the Exhibit. What is certain is that the job of first-line supervisor is an extremely difficult and demanding one that requires shifting sets of information, skills, and abilities.

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A successful supervisor seems to have the ability to balance the demands of task, employees, union, and management with his or her own needs for esteem and respect. But this balancing act takes place in a ring where not all of these demands can be met at once. To see what good first-level supervisors are like, it is useful to hear what subordinates want from their leaders. And to see what kind of supervision encourages the development of first-level supervisors, it is helpful to hear what they think of their managers.

In , a national restaurant chain we interviewed undertook a confidential survey of its employees as part of an attempt to find the cause of a corporate sales plateau. The results of the survey were quite revealing:.

Overall, there was a strong correlation between how the employees ranked their unit managers supervisors and the performance of their units. The better supervisors produced better operating results. James W. Driscoll, Daniel J. Carroll, Jr. Sprecher, in recent research, asked first-level supervisors about the amount of control they had over factors that motivated their subordinates.

Their findings reaffirm the generalizations we presented earlier:. They report no more control over the things they consider important than over the things they consider unimportant. It is quite likely this lack of control generates very high levels of frustration in first-level supervisors. They are held responsible for producing organizational results through their subordinates, but they lack control over the means to motivate these workers.

Research we recently completed at several plants confirms that this attitude is widespread.

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We are still responsible for things that we have little control over—absenteeism, purchasing parts, quality, labor relations, maintenance. By giving control of these factors to first-level supervisors, middle and top management could help the supervisors motivate their subordinates.

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They need help, and their bosses seem to know it. Such a finding suggests that an important starting point in designing a program to make supervision effective is not changing the behavior of first-level supervisors but convincing those who manage them to yield some control. Several researchers have recently studied what first-level supervisors want from their jobs. Abhoud and Homer Richardson found that, out of 10 factors evaluated, first-level supervisors ranked interesting work first and salary second.