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Keynote Speech - the future of customer experience. The future of customer experience panel. But is the customer really in control today? Does the customer have full visibility and get the service that he or she wants? Postal and logistics companies are competing for the best customer experience, knowing that their e-commerce customers demand it and that whoever creates the best customer experience will get the business. Startup Pitching Competition — Judges Panel. Startups not competing. Gregor Breznik Manager Direct4. Judges' Open Panel Discussion.

Before our judges retire to select the winner, we will invite them to discuss the pitches and solutions together and with the audience. We will analyze how the presented solution can be of value to the postal and logistics sector, and will also discuss for which kinds of challenges specific solutions need to be developed. After the panel discussion, the judges will retire to discuss among themselves and select the winner of the PIP Startup Award.

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Comment simplifier la manutention des colis commerciaux. Eero Heinonen Executive vice president K. E-commerce handling — a new era of sorting low-value consignments at Swiss Post. For the first installation, Siemens modified its proven technology for goods that are often polywrapped and unbalanced, and vary greatly in shape and size.

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The new Solystic machine is the most compact equipment on the market for sorting small parcels. Coupled with the use of Soly mobile robotics, it meets a strong need for automation of parcel-processing activity. A good disruption of parcel logistics. Despite billions invested, today's parcel logistics process is still fragmented and slow, requiring lots of manual handling and coming at a high cost.

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Retailers are increasingly going direct, and the value of the traditional parcel network is eroding. Pick8ship is revolutionizing the parcel logistics process by replacing the cardboard box with a multi-use smartbox flexibly stored on support rails in trolleys, sorting with a mobile robot, and delivering quickly with RoboVan. Managing change through digital transformation. Paper has been the way to manage deliveries since the beginning of the transportation industry, and still does the job today.

Agile Leadership: Preparing for an Unconventional Career Path - Emily Phillips - TEDxUWMilwaukee

As technology has improved and major investments in application development have been made, newer technologies have become available in the last few years that enable more automated services and expanded data capture features such as signature capture on touch-enabled devices. The power, functionality and availability of rugged and consumer devices — as well as new services such as route management and route optimization hosted on SaaS platforms — have leapfrogged the cost benefit of in-house development. In and beyond, machine learning and artificial intelligence will further widen the competitive advantage of users of SaaS platforms.

The inconvenient truth about delivery. Cities like London are taking a closer look at the impact of e-commerce growth on their increasingly congested and polluted streets. The Mayor of London has set new challenges to reverse the trend of environmental damage, which means that Transport for London TfL must work with industry stakeholders to find new ways to deliver services.

Salle 3 Workshop: Postal Blockchain Exploration 16 h 10 - 17 h 30 In concert with postal industry leaders, FutureLab Consulting is working on the formation of a postal industry blockchain consortium, to empower the posts to more effectively explore blockchains and associated technologies.

This workshop will discuss how blockchains and other emerging technologies could strengthen operational efficiency in postal logistics, financial services, e-commerce and e-services delivery.

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Is your on-time delivery below par? PUDO pick-up drop-off and parcel locker networks are the new power behind first-time e-commerce parcel delivery, and may be the panacea for many last-mile issues. Posts can strengthen their existing networks and market position, parcel carriers can create a physical footprint and increase capacity, and e-commerce companies can gain a new advantage in the last mile.

The interactive seminar will be followed by a hands-on seminar. If you want to enhance any aspect of your customer experience, this workshop will show you how. With a panel discussion that includes posts, industry advisors and postal experts, this interactive workshop will also cover customer case studies delivered by posts, and take a deep dive into the most relevant topics post professionals need to understand.

Enhancing the customer experience through innovation. Salle 1 Different Perspectives 09 h 00 - 12 h 30 This session will provide a real and refreshing opportunity to hear very different views on the postal industry from a range of interesting speakers from all over the world — from different angles and disciplines — literally giving new perspectives on how we see the sector and some of the challenges within it.

This includes providing fresh insights into visualization of service performance, commercial approaches and digital transformation. The speakers are from Canada, Argentina, South Africa, Japan and Europe, reflecting the wide diversity of postal leadership. The different insights being shared in this session underline the vital importance of keeping a broad, global perspective as the postal sector faces ever more complex challenges alongside new and exciting business opportunities.

The power of diverse perspectives.

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The global landscape has been rife with news about trade wars leading to conflict with significant impact on global growth and forecasting going forward. Macroeconomic pictures have also been turbulent and difficult to navigate. If one takes the global issues into context, compounded by the 4th Industrial Revolution imposition, it creates a diverse perspective.

This landscape can be unpacked, but how can we potentially see this with different perspectives?

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Although the work stations are compact, there will be plenty of space. Eero Heinonen Executive vice president K. Etheclo already offers a working system that can be easily integrated into reusable packaging the etheclobox. Greensboro Jeans Ocean Squall. Despite using up its forest resources in war, Japan has now recovered its forests as a result of post-war afforestation policies implemented in the s. This is also in line with the vision of making Mauritius one of the best places for higher education in the African region. Net impairment charges rose by Rs 68 million compared to the corresponding period of last year, representing 59 basis points of gross loans and advances on an annualised basis with the gross NPL ratio declining to 5.

Do we have the line of thought to explore the power of diverse perspectives for progressive business inclusivity in the industry and in this revolution? It will also look at how digital tools have sped up post office processes and encouraged more customers to switch to self-service, how innovations have enabled higher average purchase size and doubled the volumes in three years, and how e-export initiatives can re-energize post office staff at big companies.