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The more you listen to Chinese speakers, the more you start noticing the little sounds that pepper their discourse. How do you know?

How do you find the Chinese character you are looking for? Feeling excited? To infinity, and beyond! Today is the first day of Spring! Did you know the Chinese divided spring into 6 terms? Read on to learn more! Time for a new word-building! You are with your friends and one of your friends cracks a joke.

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A joke a day keeps the doctor away! Just kidding! For the bold and brave that wants to initiate a more intimate relationship with someone at a bar, club, or social setting. Many people in China are very career-focused, just like many western nations like the United States. This is an important distinction, as people from China take the Chinese New Year more seriously than the traditional New Year. Just having this date in your calendar will win you some major points.

Always a useful Mandarin phrase to know if someone is talking too fast.

10 Essential Phrases for Tourists in China

This phrase is fairly universal, and you can use it just like the way you use it in English or your native language. Hope that it was useful.

1) How are you?

Feel free to save this so you can go over it once more when you have the time. There is great power in just understanding the basic words and phrases in any language, so your time spent will be well worth it. Asia is a massive continent, and is home to about 4.

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How do you find the Chinese character you are looking for? Pro tip: Most doctors in China operate out of hospitals rather than private clinics. For more detail on the rules and a complete list of Chinese numbers from 0—, check out this page. Study Now. Or do you want to be able to speak to Chinese people in your local community?

What you're about to hear is explicit and not safe for work. That's right, we're going to share Chinese swear words ….

700 Common Chinese Words with sentence

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The Most Common Chinese Characters | Chinese Language Institute

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Yesterday at noon, I ate salad and beef noodles. I will go to the cinema tomorrow evening.

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After eating breakfast, I packed my bag and went to class. After getting off work, I took the bus to go to the gym. I drank a glass of milk tea when eating breakfast.