Colonel Thorndykes Secret [with Biographical Introduction]

G. A. Henty
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He left the university early without completing his degree to volunteer for the Army Hospital Commissariat when the Crimean War began. He was sent to the Crimea and while there he witnessed the appalling conditions under which the British soldier had to fight.

By G. A. Henty.

His letters home were filled with vivid descriptions of what he saw. His father was impressed by his letters and sent them to The Morning Advertiser newspaper which printed them.

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This initial writing success was a factor in Henty's later decision to accept the offer to become a special correspondent, the early name for journalists now better known as war correspondents. Shortly before resigning from the army as a captain in he married Elizabeth Finucane. The couple had four children. Elizabeth died in after a long illness and shortly after her death Henty began writing articles for the Standard newspaper.

In the newspaper sent him as their special correspondent to report on the Austro-Italian War where he met Giuseppe Garibaldi. Henty was a strong supporter of the British Empire all his life; according to literary critic Kathryn Castle: "Henty Henty once related in an interview how his storytelling skills grew out of tales told after dinner to his children. He wrote his first children's book, Out on the Pampas in , naming the book's main characters after his children. The book was published by Griffith and Farran in November with a title page date of While most of the books he wrote were for children, he also wrote adult novels, non-fiction such as The March to Magdala and Those Other Animals , short stories for the likes of The Boy's Own Paper and edited the Union Jack , a weekly boy's magazine.

His children's novels typically revolved around a boy or young man living in troubled times. Henty's heroes — which occasionally included young ladies — are uniformly intelligent, courageous, honest and resourceful with plenty of 'pluck' yet are also modest. Henty usually researched his novels by ordering several books on the subject he was writing on from libraries, and consulting them before beginning writing.

Henty is buried in Brompton Cemetery , London. Henty's commercial popularity encouraged other writers to try writing juvenile adventure stories in his style; " Herbert Strang ", Henry Everett McNeil , Percy F. Westerman and Captain Frederick Sadleir Brereton all wrote novels in "the Henty tradition", often incorporating then-contemporary themes such as aviation and First World War combat. The Henty series was part of F. Scott Fitzgerald 's boyhood reading. Henty wrote works of historical fiction and all first editions had the date printed at the foot of the title page. The dates given below are those printed at the foot of the title page of the very first editions in the United Kingdom. It is a common misconception that American Henty titles were published before those of the UK. All Henty titles bar one were published in the UK before those of America. The simple explanation for this error of judgement is that Charles Scribner's Sons of New York dated their Henty first editions for the current year.

The first UK editions published by Blackie were always dated for the coming year, to have them looking fresh for Christmas. This title was published in book form in the UK in , although the story itself had already been published in England prior to the first American edition, in The Boy's Own Annual. One such publisher and major modern advocate of Henty is the American scientist, homeschool curriculum publisher, and one-time political candidate Arthur B.

Colonel Thorndyke's Secret Part 2/2 Full Audiobook by G. A. HENTY by Action & Adventure Fiction

Robinson , who promotes the use of Henty's books as a supplement to his self-teaching homeschool curriculum. Even during his lifetime, Henty's work was contentious; some Victorian writers accused Henty's novels of being xenophobic towards non-British people and objected to his glorification of British imperialism [6] in such books as True to the Old Flag which supports the Loyalist side in the American War of Independence , [15] and In the Reign of Terror and No Surrender! Henty's novel With Lee in Virginia has a protagonist who fights on the side of the "aristocratic" Confederacy against the Union.

Henty's popularity amongst homeschoolers is not without controversy. McDorman states Henty disliked blacks and also, in Henty's fiction, that " Boers and Jews were considered equally ignoble". Goodenough, an entomologist remarks to the hero:.

Colonel Thorndyke's Secret

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